Football fans can now go to their final resting place in the colours of their favourite team.  Seaforth-born Liverpool fan and taxi driver Ronnie Joughin, 49, has set up Alternative Hearses which can hire out blue or red hearses to undertakers.

It is believed to be the first company of its kind after Ronnie got the idea in 2008 when a funeral cortege passed him with ‘LFC’ and ‘Son’ spelled out in flowers. He said: “I was thinking, ‘he must have been a big Red’ because all the mourners wore red ties, and I then began to wonder if there was such a thing as a red hearse.

“So, during my quieter moments as a taxi driver I got my phone out and looked it up on the internet but there was nothing at all.

“I figured there would be a great little market in Liverpool because the first thing I get asked in the cab is, if I was a Red or a Blue, so I thought, ‘what better way of going out on the last ride’.”

However, he faced difficulty gaining financial backing for his scheme.

“I applied for a competition to get funding and I finished runner-up. There was a panel of people we had to pitch to and they said my idea for coloured hearses was the best idea, but they wanted an established business they could put the money in right away.”

As a result of his near miss Ronnie said he was offered backing from business people, but when push came to shove the one backer he was left with tried to pay less for a higher stake in Alternative Hearses, and Ronnie declined.

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