Vancouverites have long complained about the high cost of living in this city. But as graveyards fill up and land prices soar, it’s also becoming one of the most expensive places to die.

In some Metro Vancouver cemeteries where vacancy is running low, asking prices for in-ground burial plots with space for two caskets can run as high as $52,000, while a double crypt mausoleum can come with a price tag as steep as $60,000.

According to industry experts, that high cost of burial is only going to keep rising as graveyard space continues to dwindle in a city already notorious for its sky-high real estate prices. They say the issue highlights a need for more designated cemetery land across Metro Vancouver, as well as changes to provincial legislation that control how cemeteries can sell burial plots.

“We’re going to hit that wall eventually,” said Glen Hodges, manager of Mountain View Cemetery in Mount Pleasant. “The space that exists is basically the space we already have, so as those cemeteries start to fill up … that puts pressure on those cemeteries in terms of pricing that remaining space.”

At Mountain View, Vancouver’s only cemetery, Hodges said there are only 700 or 800 graves still available for casket burials.

The cost of a burial plot is $22,500, he said, which includes space for up to two caskets, up to eight cremated remains and up to four grave markers, one of which can be an upright monument.


Image: Jennifer Gauthier/Metro


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