Parliament passed a law that makes cremation of the dead legal in Cyprus, but only under certain conditions.

The Chairman of the House committee on Internal Affairs, Yiannos Lamaris, said the law touches upon a controversial issue and delicate matter due to a conservative nature of Cypriot society as well as strong opposition from the Orthodox Church of Cyprus.

The law aims at regulating the cremation of the deceased and giving permits to incineration centres, pursuant to specific procedures and under certain terms and conditions.

The Interior Ministry, according to a House report on the issue, ended up doing a lot of rewriting on the draft after taking into consideration a number of issues raised.

For example, it made specific references to conditions under which the disposal of the ashes can be permitted.

It was reported in the media that this meant it wouldn’t be legal for people to go just anywhere they want and dispose of the ashes.

The law also specifies that the incinerator would be allowed to be used only in cases when people make an explicit wish to be cremated upon their death.


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