The wife of a Marine and longtime Fountain resident who died in a crash in Colorado Springs is trying to raise money to help pay for his visitation and funeral this week.Mark McCart, 23, graduated from Cheyenne Mountain High School and enlisted in the Marines.

After his service, which included a reported nine months fighting in Afghanistan, McCart returned to his hometown with his wife, Rosalind. He died Aug. 24 
when his Jeep hit a guardrail on Academy Boulevard.

“He was just absolutely the best son ever,” said Diane Hornyak, his mother. “He did everything he could with his short life, and that’s what keeps me going.”
Hornyak said the best time of her life was her recent trip with McCart moving him back to Colorado Springs from the East Coast. They spent three days traveling across the country, and Hornyak said her son was full of life.

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