The first Australian bodies from Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 have arrived home, six weeks after Russian rebels reportedly shot down the flight by a missile, killing 295 people on board, including 38 Australians. The operation ‘Bring them Home’ has brought deceased couple Mareeand Albert Rizk back from Amsterdam to Sunbury in Melbourne. A private family funeral will be held next week for the couple, who leave two children, Vanessa 22 and James 21. At a memorial service held three weeks ago Vanessa and James spoke to a crowd of 1000 mourners as they awaited the bodies of their parents.

‘We look forward now to the return of our parents and hope that all the families will soon have their loved ones returned to them,’ Vanessa said. ‘The reality is that our amazing parents Albert and Maree Rizk are gone. We pray to God that we will have closure sooner or later.’


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