The first Tesla hearse in the world is made in Holland.  On the VTU funeral fair in Gorinchem, Holland, the first Tesla hearse was presented.  Build by a company in Holland.  This special hearse was the eyecatcher of the funeral fair in Gorinchem.

More than 300 company’s presented themselves on the biggest funeral fair in the Benelux, Europe.  From classic funeral products to the newest innovations.  Thousands of funeral directors from Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany visited the fair.

The Tesla hearse is the first cool full electric hearse on this earth.  A lot of pictures were taken of this beautiful car that costs about 175.000 euro.  A lot of money for a small funeral home, but who knows, maybe the bigger ones can afford this vehicle?

We took some pictures of the Tesla Hearse on the funeral fair, for u to enjoy!



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