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In life they were accustomed to having the finer things so it is perhaps no surprise that the uber wealthy continue to splash the cash after their deaths.

A new Channel 4 documentary has lifted the casket lid on just how much is spent by the country’s wealthiest families when one of their nearest and dearest dies.

From fleets of luxury limos to £20,000 gold-plated coffins, no expense is spared to ensure a a loved one is seen off in style.

Britain’s top funeral directors reveal on the show how they will endeavour to meet any request – no matter how outlandish – so a grieving family can give a loved one a lavish remembrance service.

The programme explores the challenges these funeral directors face as they organise some of the biggest funerals of their careers, pulling out all the stops, with just one chance to get it right.

One of them is Matthew, the company director of AW Lymn in Nottingham.

He said: ‘Sometimes it is surprising just how much people are willing to spend on a funeral which you could argue is not necessary, we could all be laid to rest in a cardboard coffin with a very simple service.

‘People expect so much more today and what may have been considered outrageous in the past is now considered a fitting and proper way to say goodbye to their loved one.’

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