These days you read a lot about direct cremation. How it’s cheap and affordable. You don’t sell caskets or coffins anymore as a funeral director. Most of the time the direct cremation includes a cardboard coffin. This makes it very cheap.

Many famous people chose direct cremation. Prince and Davy Bowie are just a few of the people who chose direct cremation and had a just a small or just no funeral ceremony. They set an example and that’s not so good for the funeral industry.

Cremation is very popular in Europe. In some European country’s more of 65% of the deceased are cremated. That’s a lot. And it has his effects on the market. The production of coffins changes. Fewer coffins made of wood are sold.

The funeral culture is changing and the funeral industry is trying to adapt. It also brings challenges. Some casket manufacturers are selling new products for the funeral industry. Such as software, websites and other services for funeral homes.

These manufacturers also sell cremation products, urns for example. The market of urns are one of the most booming products in the Western funeral industry. Not only in Europe but also in the US and some Asian country’s.

As funeral directors sell fewer caskets, profits go down. So these are just one of the many challenges that lie in the whole industry. From manufacturers to the smallest funeral homes.



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