A lot of futuristic funeral news this week.  When you think you’ve seen it all.  You get to see this new ‘car’.  This car is a full electric hearse and may be the hearse of the future.  It’s name is ‘Korbiyor’, the name looks like the French name ‘corbillard’.  Corbillard means hearse in French.  The name of this new product is based upon what the French call their hearses.

The prototype of this car features a transparent coffin refrigerated by Korbiyor’s fuel cell. Other than that, it could complete a course all by itself, by simply following a pre-established path and speed, although we’re wondering how on Earth would the authorities allow it to roam freely on the streets and in traffic conditions while also carrying a dead man in the process.

Korbiyor is the funeral director’s best friend.  It can do everything.  From the first call to the funeral procession in the streets or even in church.  The special glass of the coffin on the Korbiyor can be blinded or be transparant.  With a special media console on board, you can play music and view images of the deceased.

Special designed wheels give the Korbiyor good mobility.  It can fit itself in the most tight places for difficult first calls.  Even when the Korbiyor drives in the sun, during a funeral procession, the coffin will stay cool and the sun will have no effect on the deceased.  It even has a remote controle so the funeral director has full controle, all of the time.

These images are made by Abhishek Roy. Roy is the founder of Lunatic Koncepts, een design business in Mumbai India.  Images: Abhishek Roy – Charles Bombardier


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