The end is inevitable for all of us. When a loved on dies, families must decide whether to bury or cremate their remains. A Texas lawmaker wants to add a third, relatively new option to the list which would use liquid to dissolve the body.

“We are open to all options. We want to be able to help and assist a family do whatever they chose to do,” said Rosewood Premier Funeral Home Marketing and Public Relations Director Savoy Fambles.

And a new option, one that leaves less of a carbon footprint could be coming to Texas. It’s called alkaline hydrolysis or liquid cremation.

“It is really the same process as regular cremation, it just uses a water process as opposed to fire,” Fambles said.

A hyperbaric chamber is used to steam off all soft tissue and organs, leaving bone fragments behind in a flour like white powder.

“And the bone fragments is still going to be returned to family members as ashes,” Fambles added. – Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville |ETX News

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