More and more people in the UK are considering a pet funeral for their pet.  One in four Uk pet owners have had a funeral for their pet or are considering it to let the pet be cremated or be buried.  This business is a growing business, not only in the UK but all over the world.  

More than a half a million pets have been buried or cremated in the US in 2013

In Uk as many as 10.000 pet funerals take place every year.  You can say that it’s big business.  In the US more than half a million funerals are cremated or buried in 2013.  A pet cremation brings a cost of £250 in the UK.  And people are willing to pay that amount or even more, when they buy extra’s like an urn or neckless with a print of the pet that died.

50 pet cemeteries across Britain

At the Penwith Pet Crematorium in the UK, one of roughly 50 pet cemeteries across Britain, bereaved owners even have the option of being buried next to their animals.  Established in 1988, the memorial garden is set on a beautiful plot of landscaped land near Penzance, Cornwall, which is dotted with tasteful sculptures and moving tributes to late pets.

An average of 200 animals a week are cremated at Penwith, double the number a decade ago. The business growth is part of a global trend that has seen the ‘pet loss’ industry boom in recent years.  This business will be growing even moren the coming years.

Hong Kong pet funerals with luxurious cars

Even in China there was a news report that rich people in Hong Kong pay for big pet funerals when a dog or cat dies.  They even rent big luxurious cars to drive to the pet crematorium and pray for the soul of the lost pet.


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