By RACHEL BELLE – Last year, West Seattle’s Kelly McInturff’s beloved cat, Mojo Jojo, passed away rather suddenly. At the time, they had not heard of pet funeral services.

“I never had a pet pass before so it was really hard and I wasn’t sure what to do,” McInturff said. “It was extremely chaotic and it was pretty horrible.”

Her husband was out of town and he was upset about not being there. So Kelly called Darci Bressler and Joslin Roth, co-owners of Seattle’s newest pet funeral home, Resting Waters.

“We’re a full fledged funeral home so we can do a memorial, we can do even a full funeral with the body on site,” said Bressler. “We do witnessings, in the same way that humans, you can do cremation witnessing. We offer a selection of urns, we’re in contact with artists who do memorial art. They do mourning jewelry. We can help with grieving. We let pet owners know about things like in-home euthanasiam, which is something we are huge advocates for.”

Environmentally friendly pet funeral

Resting Waters uses a fairly new technology, that no other pet funeral home in the city uses, a service called aquamation.

“Aquamation, it uses the science of alkaline hydrolysis,” Bressler explains. “So essentially it’s water cremation. You get back the same remains that you do with traditional flame based cremation. However, we use water flow and minerals to break down the soft tissues to create the bone ash remains.”


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