This video is made in Hamburg, Germany, one of the world’s biggest cemeteries.  Ohlsdorf cemetery is the biggest park cemetery in the world.  The 400-hectare Hamburg cemetery is not only Hamburg’s largest green space, but also the largest cemetery in Europe and the largest park cemetery in the world.

It not only serves as a burial place, but is also a cultural monument and nature area prized both within Hamburg and beyond. 450 species of deciduous trees and conifers thrive here, and the ponds and brooks are full of waterfowl. A rare breed of kingfisher as well as long-eared and tawny owls breed in the cemetery.

Approximately 17 kilometres of roads and paths for cars, cyclists and pedestrians as well as two bus lines (line 170 and 270) run past tombs of both historical and artistic interest, an ancient stock of trees (25,000 trees), numerous ponds and lots of rhododendrons that draw large numbers of walkers, particularly while they are in bloom. You can also enjoy long walks while strolling past the graves of famous Hamburg citizens.

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