Three joyriding teens crashed a stolen hearse with a coffin in the back.

The teenagers jumped into the black limousine for a late-night joyride after the funeral director left the car unattended with the keys in the ignition.

But the youngsters got more than they bargained for when the luxury vehicle turned out to be a hearse containing a body due to be buried the next morning.

The careless teens soon reached their final destination though, as they crashed the car, causing more than £4,000 worth of damage.

“Even in death, strange things happen!” said one local resident.

The unusual theft happened in the Andalucian town of Olula del Rio in the early hours of the morning after the funeral director decided to get organised for the next day.

Unfortunately, after putting the coffin in the back of the hearse, he forgot to take his keys out of the ignition.

The three joyriders, aged 15, 16 and 19, spotted the unattended car and took it for a spin on the road between Olula del Rio and Cantoria.

Several people living in the area said they heard the boys talking and one of them said: “Dude, you take it to Almeria or I will.”

Following an official report of the theft from the worried undertaker, police officers searched the area and eventually found the hearse abandoned and substantially damaged. The coffin was still inside.

The funeral director admitted he was so busy thinking about all the arrangements he had to do that he wanted to get to bed and totally forgot about the keys.

The youngsters made the mistake of leaving some of their personal items at the scene when they ran off in a panic and were later arrested.

The three now face prosecution for theft and driving recklessly, with two of them due to appear before a juvenile court.

The incident has caused a mixture of amusement and disgust in the local community.

“Some people have absolutely no respect for the dead,” commented one observer whilst another commented: “Bet the Civil Guard were dead chuffed to solve that one!”

Source: – Picure: Guardia Civil


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