The only sure things in life are death and taxes, so the old adage goes. Funeral homes understand this fact well, and have been profiting from mortality since the early 1900s. 

Over the last century, as the death care industry in North America moved from the domain of the family and church to the funeral home, it has become increasingly conglomerate-owned, profit-driven, and thus prone to exploiting families of the deceased at their most vulnerable time.

The tide may be turning, however, as non-profit funeral cooperatives appear to be gaining popularity across Canada, their modest prices slowly but radically changing the industry.

There are currently about 50 funeral co-ops in Canada, one in nearly every province. One of the oldest funeral co-ops was founded in Sudbury, Ont., in 1952, and the newest, British Columbia’s first co-op, opened just last month in Surrey. Quebec and Prince Edward Island have the most established, successful co-op models in the country, and have gained impressive market share—topping 75 percent or more in some regions.

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