What will be the effect on the funeral industry when more and more people chose direct cremation for their loved one?  The increase of direct cremation is not only visible in the U.S. but also in European countries.  What is the effect on the funeral director, who has no ability anymore to sell a beautiful casket or other products?

Funeral directors sell caskets to make a profit for their business.  When direct cremation is chosen by the family of the deceased, cremation is mostly done with a cardboard coffin.  Some crematoria in Europe don’t accept cardboard coffins, so it has to be from wood or mdf for example.  What this does to the funeral industry is huge.  It takes away a big income.

But does every family want a direct cremation?  Some people do, but not everyone.  Luckily. When you lose a loved one, you want to give them the best there is.  And that’s why funeral directors are doing what they love: help people.  The services and products nowadays are so personal, family’s can build a very personal funeral for their loved one.

Cheap funerals bring less money, is what some people in the funeral business say.  And most of it is true.  But does a funeral always have to be expensive to be good?  It all depends on the country you live in and what you are willing to pay?  A funeral in Europe will cost 4.000 to 8.000 euro’s.  In the US that will be more than the double of that amount?

One of the most expensive country’s to die today is the UK.  Where some family’s have to sell their own house to be able to pay for the funeral of someone they love.  That’s hard.  Prizes for funerals are rising very fast in the UK and some funeral directors don’t know how or why the prices are rising so fast.

Will the consumer be willing to pay as much for a funeral or will smaller and cheaper funeral homes get more business?  Today small funeral homes get more business.  They are cheaper and work more flexible.  That is what you can see in Europe today.  Small funeral businesses start with people who left a big chain of funeral businesses.

A personal approach will always be important.  Direct cremation or not.  Will this change the funeral industry?  Probably.  Less coffins will be sold and some businesses will have to redirect themselves to other products in the funeral industry, in order to survive as a business.

We can ask ourselves: will the funeral business change in the future?


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