Alkaline hydrolysis is already used in many states in the US.  Many funeral homes invest this new system that’s also called ‘bio-cremation’ or ‘water-cremation’.  But alkaline hydrolysis is no where to be found in Europe.  Several funeral websites all over Europe talk about the new system, but no country or government has apporoved it yet.

Maybe soon in the Netherlands?

The use of alkaline hydrolysis may come to the Netherlands soon, as a big funeral company called Yarden investigates the possibility of installing the system into their funeral homes.  The Dutch government has also talked about the use of alkaline hydrolysis in their country, but it’s not approved yet.

Are Europeans not convinced this is a good alternative for cremation?

What is taking Europe so long to be active about the new system?  Are they not convinced that this could be a good alternative for classic cremation?  To expensive to install?  The most Europeans choose cremation.  Burial is getting more expensive.  And as funerals get more expensive, people tend to choose the cheaper way.

Europe deals in different ways with their crematoriums

You have different ways of dealing with a funeral in general in Europe.  Some country’s a private funeral home can build a crematorium, when in other country’s the crematoriums are build and run by the government.  Private crematoriums build by funeral homes are mostly more expensive than those who are in the hands of a government.

Cheaper when in hands of a government

In the country’s where crematoriums are build and run by the government, the classic cremation will be cheaper for the family of the deceased.  That’s because those crematoriums are build with the money of the tax payer.   But innovations are left behind.  Some of these crematoriums are very old and in need of renovation.

Fluids down the drain?

Alkaline hydrolysis will probably be approved in the most modern country’s of Europe.  It will take time before it will get a green light and the approval to be build into funeral homes all over Europe.  Some country’s governments are complaining about the fluids that leave down the drain of the alkaline hydrolysis machine, when the process is finished.

Funeral directors are waiting for the first approval.  As one country approves the new alkaline hydrolysis system, many country’s will follow.


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