This is not only causing stress to the families using the old graves, but it is nerve-wracking for others whose relatives’ burial sites are being defiled.

It means families whose relatives were buried earlier will have no room to hold memorial services since the burial spaces will have been taken over by other people.

This amounts to a serious social and cultural breach.

Some of the deficiencies being witnessed today result from failure to plan for the future.

Local authorities should be able to take into account the rapidly growing population at the time they are allocating pieces of land for anything, including graveyards.

At times, it is not just the lack of land. The casual approach to serious matters in local authorities should be blamed for the mess.

Consider the case of Old Barn Cemetery in Choma where some people are being allowed to build houses near the graveyard, while others pass through it to access their homes.

The buildings being put up in the immediate vicinity of the graveyard have inarguably consumed the much needed burial space.

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